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First and Foremost, a Bit About Our Vision

The journey to becoming an expert in stamping is long and enriched with practical experiences. Traditionally, this expertise is acquired over years, even decades, of fieldwork, characterizing it as a continuous and evolutionary process. However, in the fast-paced rhythm of the modern world, the training of talents in the field of sheet metal stamping needs to be more agile. Unfortunately, the training courses available and even the knowledge provided by universities are very theoretical, with little or no connection to the daily life of the industry and its challenges. This is compounded by the lack of structured and organized knowledge in a didactic and easily assimilable manner, contributing to the development of professionals in the world of stamping remaining complex, without standardization, and strongly dependent on the varying challenges of each company.
Deep knowledge of stamping processes is crucial not only for toolmakers and tool designers but also for process analysts, those responsible for quotes, buyers, and even suppliers of inputs for the production of metal parts. When the tooling activity is outsourced, it becomes even more important that the team knows how to interpret and evaluate tool designs, simulation results, understand the behavior of materials, and check if the proposed solution meets the client's requirements.

Aiming to meet the existing demand in the Brazilian industry for courses that integrate theory and practice in a balanced way, TechnNOVA has developed a series of trainings. These courses combine academic experience and professional practice, with emphasis on knowledge acquired from renowned universities abroad and many years of industrial practice alongside suppliers of stamped parts for agricultural vehicles, trucks, and automobiles. With our courses, we propose a revolutionary approach to accelerate the development of your team, also bringing significant updates for senior experts. A major differentiator of the course is the use of the innovative concept of "Virtual Press," created by TechnNOVA through the Autoform software, which represents the state of the art in stamping simulation. The course methodology is designed to create the impression that the student can move directly from theory to practice, applying the principles and knowledge acquired in a virtual environment that simulates the factory floor. This method not only accelerates the learning curve but also provides a modern and applied perspective of stamping. It is important to note that the course focuses on general principles, applicable to any simulation software, and does not cover the operation of Autoform (it is not an Autoform course).
The quality of our trainings is constantly improved based on feedback evaluations received after each completed class. This process confirms the effectiveness of our methodology and didactics, something that fills us with pride. We hope that TechnNOVA's training courses represent a significant advance in the specialization and qualification of stamping, tooling, and producers and suppliers of stamped components in Brazil and worldwide, thus contributing to the development of the industry.

GPT para Estamparias

Fundamentos de estampagem

Tecnologia de estampagem industrial

Engenharia de Superfícies para Estampagem

Inovação e Pesquisa Experimental p/ Indústria

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