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About Us

TechnNOVA Research, Development, and Innovation,

located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, operates across a broad spectrum ranging from consulting and engineering projects in the metal-mechanic technology field to research, development, and innovation projects. We offer professional and managerial training courses in both in-person and virtual modalities, and we are commercial representatives of innovative technologies.




TechnNOVA is a knowledge-era company with the vision to be recognized as the best consulting engineering partner in the areas of R&D, forming processes, engineering, and industrial management in Brazil, built on the pillars of valuing people, technical knowledge, and management competence.


To develop innovative solutions aimed at simplifying, adding value, and improving process efficiency, leaving a legacy of knowledge in every project for the people involved, and always guided by the principles of transparency, ethics, and confidentiality.

Our Team


Dr. João Henrique C. de Souza

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Professional with 20+ years in the mechanical transformation industry, with a focus on stamping processes. Master's in Metallurgical Engineering from UFRGS and Ph.D. in Vehicle Design, Production, and Technology from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Experience in leading R&D projects, forming processes, tribology, material selection and optimization, and process simulation. Solid experience in establishing and managing a Research & Development department in the industry, as well as managing engineering, tooling, and R&D areas.


Sergio Fernandes

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Specialist with 30 years of experience in the manufacture of stamped products, covering the stages of design, fabrication, assembly, and tooling tryout. His experience also encompasses devices and special machines for forming. He has worked on product development and on projects aimed at improving tooling efficiency, such as defining flow, manufacturing layout, and ergonomics. He has a systemic view of the process, involving everything from the client's design, project planning, material selection, to the day-to-day management of a die/tooling workshop.


MSc. Cristiano Erno Diefenthaler

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With over 15 years of experience in the metal-mechanical industry, having served in managerial and executive positions. Holds a Master's degree in Production and Systems Engineering from Unisinos and a Specialization in Business Management from FGV. His work has focused on the development of production systems, through Lean Manufacturing, Toyota System, and Theory of Constraints. He has experience in managing a manufacturing unit, focusing on operational results and the training and development of high-performance teams, as well as the implementation of Lean culture and process ownership in ERP system deployment. Solid experience in production indicator management and the implementation of new factory layouts. Knowledgeable in manual and robotic welding cells, paint lines, shot blasting, machining equipment, and thermal cutting. He served as Industrial and Logistics Manager, developing projects with significant results in increasing operational efficiency, boosting productivity, reducing lead times and inventory, implementing pull production flow, enhancing logistical efficiency, increasing engagement rates, and reducing workplace accidents.


Eduardo Sulato Couto

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Eduardo Sulato has over 20 years of experience in the stamped tooling area, currently focusing on the development and simulation of processes for hemming and virtual assembly of sets. He began his career as a CAD/CAM modeler in the modeling and development of CNC programs for machining stamping tools, including large ones, extending to the design of devices and tools. He has solid experience in CAM, CAD, and CAE, as well as in the development of suppliers for large automotive stamping tools (skin parts) in automakers, including the creation of specification books, methods plan, and follow-up. His experience encompasses the coordination of several stamped product development projects for the automotive industry.

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MSc. Maurício da Silva Moreira

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Professional with over 10 years of experience in mechanical maintenance and production. Technical mechanical training from IFSul, a degree in mechanical engineering, and currently pursuing a master's in engineering from FURG. Extensive knowledge of the ANSYS numerical simulation software, with a focus on unconventional mechanical forming processes, including complex non-linear analyses, structural analyses, modal analysis, and fatigue analysis.

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Ronaldo Longhi

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Profissional com mais de 20 anos de experiência em projetos de ferramentas conformação em processos de corte, dobra e repuxo. Amplo conhecimento em projeto de ferramentas progressivas, tandem e transfer para indústrias de equipamentos agrícolas, rodoviários e automotivos. Técnico em Automação Industrial pela Mecatrônica Caxias do Sul. À frente da CTM Projetos á 13 anos.


José Castillo Lara

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Castillo possui  elevado know-how e expertise nas áreas de solda de manutenção, solda de alto e baixo volume de produção nas indústrias automobilística, petroquímica e de óleo e gás. Vasta experiência nos processos: solda laser, GMAW(MIG-MAG), plasma, SAW, eletrodo revestido, solda por Resistência, GTAW, solda ponto, MIG Brazing, Metal Cored. Além disso, traz consigo uma sólida experiência em análises de falha, ensaios não destrutivos, testes mecânicos e corrosão, moldes e matrizes, fabricação de dispositivos de solda, parametrização de robôs de solda nos processos de solda ponto e GMAW para aumento de produção e melhoria da qualidade, galvanoplastia e pintura industrial, try-out, implantação e buy-off.


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